Have you ever been overwhelmed by love in one way or another, almost overtaken by love? For “LoveLorn,” I wanted to create an experience that explains these feelings that we have all felt at least once in our lives.


    Lead singer Tamara Cimmerian uses her four octave range voice to acknowledge the battle of fighting against hardship to claim the life you are meant to lead. The lyrics offer a helping hand and a message that true strength can be found in reaching out for help and we are all in this together.


    Relate is three songs that talk about relationships in a different way. It explores the healing process.


    As the winter chill sets in and traditional holiday preparations begin, singer/songwriter Tamara Cimmerian of the music project KatZen releases her classic holiday album, Fortunate with bonus tracks. The fully remastered collection features three new remixes by world renowned DJ Kazel.

About KatZen

Founded by lead singer and songwriter Tamara Cimmerian, KatZen is a music project that unites artists who are creative, insightful and spiritual. KatZen was formed with the mission to bring musicians together who are thought-provoking and focused on truth.

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